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todayAugust 6, 2020

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35000 ZoOM ID’s exposed to internet – one can join meeting without authentication

One of the Security researchers of our company has found a security vulnerability in the Zoom platform where users can join many meetings without any authentication and they are google indexed with many big company giants. We are attaching screenshots for people’s reference. This is purely compromising the privacy of company [...]

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Primary Use Cases

CISO/CEO/CIO: Reduces the risk by 90% through First Layer Protection

check Ensure every employee is protected through the first layer.

check Early stage detection for all malware & ransomware attacks.

check Automate the whole security process for malware detection.

DEVELOPERS: Ease for technical people & helps to access legitimate sites

check Differentiate between legitimate and illegitimate links while visiting websites for code

check Early detection for malware and ransomware URLs

check Easy to deploy the agents by developers.

check Differentiate between high, medium and low risk finding through countable approach.

SECURITY ARCHITECTS: Define their works according to organised structure

check Create understanding between management and technical people to help them understand business angle of risk

check Daily reporting and mailing of secure code results are easily configurable at large enterprise level

check CI/CD implementations can be done to follow patch advisory and resolve high level issues

CONSULTANTS: Cyber Security Maturity Assessment improved at good degree level

check Save time for external audits during secure source code scan approach

check Reduces the intervention of consultants during development process

check Cyber Security maturity gaps will produce good results by adopting these secure source code techniques

check Critical, High, Medium and Low level of risks are easily identifiable and can be easily prioritize according to complexity of application


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